Guidelines to the presentation of manuscripts

1. Topic of the article shall correspond to the review’s profile. The submitted text may be written by one or several authors. The materials shall be topical and of academic and practical value.

2. The number of pages for articles written by post-graduate students and persons working for PhD degree shall not exceed 10 typed pages and by PhDs or DScs - 12 typed pages. All texts shall be typed in font: Times New Roman, size 14, interval between the lines: 1.5 lines. All sources shall be specified by bibliographic references.

3. References shall be given page-wise and numbered continuously. References shall be typed in font size 12, interval between the lines: 1 line.

4. Materials shall be accompanied by translation of the title of the article, summary of the article in Russian and English, list of key words in Russian and English and bibliographic list for the article (in alphabetic order). The article shall specify: full family name of the author(s), his/her name and patronimics, academic degree, rank, position, official name of the place of employment in Russian and English, contact phone and e-mail address.

5. All materials shall be submitted to the editorial board by e-mail and in paper version (in two copies).

6. All articles are obligatory reviewed. Along with the material, the author may submit a review signed by a DSc or PhD and executed in accordance with the established procedure.

7. Post-graduate students are released from payment for the publication of manuscripts.